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Blue Corona is an inbound web marketing, analytics and optimization company with offices in Maryland (MD) and North Carolina (NC). We help companies accurately track their advertising results and get more leads and sales from the web.


What do you get when you combine a mechanical engineer and Harvard MBA with an online marketing guru? An online marketing engine capable of growing businesses—fast. Blue Corona was founded in 2007 by Ben Landers with the help of Bob Perini. Bob founded DrinkMore Water, a two-time Inc. 500 company and the largest privately owned bottled water delivery company in the Mid-Atlantic region serving homes and offices. While working as Bob’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ben helped Bob create a system to accurately track and quantify every single advertising campaign and marketing campaign employed by DrinkMore (including the website). Being a numbers guy, Bob knew that data combined with gut intuition would allow him to outperform business owners operating on gut intuition alone. It worked. Today, DrinkMore Water continues to be one of the most successful locally owned bottled water delivery companies in the country.

If Bob’s contribution to Blue Corona was a framework for analyzing businesses and using data to optimize them, Ben’s contribution was to use the web to supercharge their growth. With Bob’s support and buy-in, Ben transformed DrinkMore Water into an Internet marketing powerhouse. Using data derived from what is now Blue Corona’s marketing analytics platform, Bob eliminated nearly $150,000 in (ineffective) Yellow Page print ads per year. A fraction of this money was used by Ben to convert DrinkMore’s website from a “brochure-type” site into a fully optimized lead generation machine with an e-commerce component. Online marketing strategies like SEO, PPC and Email represent DrinkMore’s top marketing strategies – generating more leads than every other marketing strategy combined.

Today, Ben and Blue Corona continue to manage, optimize and maintain multiple websites for DrinkMore Water – including several e-commerce online stores.

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